Leigh Creek News – July 2020

Windy Creek over the main road

In this edition:

  • Aroona Dam
  • Town Works
  • Property Management
  • OCA Leigh Creek
  • Akurra Trail
  • LCCPA Update

Aroona Dam


The heavy rain in early February resulted in the Aroona Dam filling back up, much to everyone’s delight. However, the rain did manage to cause the yellow safety buoys to take off over the wall, these have recently been retrieved and are now firmly back in place.

On 1 April 2019, the dam was opened to non-motorised watercraft activities such as kayaks and canoes. The Leigh Creek Community Progress Association is currently exploring the possibility of the installation of a floating pontoon to assist in launching these vessels. February 2020 marked the one year anniversary of 30,000 Murray Cod and Golden Perch being released by RecFish SA and DEW into the dam.

We are anxiously watching and marking the time off in the hope that in 2 years’ time the fish will be a good size to catch!

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LC News - July 2020


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