Leigh Creek News – July 2021

RDAFN – Economic Development Forum

LCCPA Darryl Bowshire (pictured) was one of a number of presenters at the Economic Development Forum held in Leigh Creek in July. “The day was an excellent way to learn about opportunities and work being undertaken throughout the region,” said Darryl.


A new 22.5-kilometre water pipeline between Copley and Lyndhurst is on track to be operational in September 2021, helping to ensure a continued reliable supply of clean, safe drinking water for the local community.
The new pipe replaces existing infrastructure within the Leigh Creek coal mine. SA Water together with major contract partner, McConnell Dowell/Diona joint venture, are relocating the pipe closer to the Outback Highway, providing local crews a safer and more accessible location for any required maintenance.

Installation of the pipeline was expected to be complete by the end of July, with standard commissioning and remediation stages to continue throughout August, before full operation the following month.

Five local workers were recruited for the duration of the project, with locally owned plant and wet hire companies also sourced to further support jobs in the region. SA Water’s Water North Portfolio Manager Mario Borrello said “employing local workers within our crew has provided valuable local knowledge, and recruiting a young novice worker on the project has also created an opportunity for direct on-the-job training and mentoring.”


A third weed survey in and around Leigh Creek has found a second species of asparagus fern, an opuntia cactus not previously recorded in the area and a mother of millions spreading in two house yards. Along with lantana that is still germinating at the site at which it was previously recorded, most of the weeds were found in the back yards of abandoned properties.

North Flinders Community Landscape Officer Matt Westover said the annual surveys aimed to prevent the spread of new and emerging weeds. “Local reports of new weeds have been helpful during the surveys so far and we know the risk of garden escapees will increase as houses and fences are removed,” he said. “It has been fascinating so far to see what former garden plants are surviving after five years without care in an arid environment.”

Surveying before demolition has allowed some species to be controlled while numbers are low and have created a database of sites for future monitoring.

The weeds surveillance is expected to continue over the next few years. If you spot a different or unusual plant growing and spreading in the area, please get in contact with Matt on 0438 816 210. You may also want to take a photo and email him at Matthew.Westover@sa.gov.au.
All surveys have been carried out with PIRSA’s New and Emerging Weeds Facilitator Shannon Robertson and DEW’s State Herbarium Weeds Botanist Chris Brodie. They have been funded through the Commonwealth Government’s Agricultural Competitiveness White Paper.

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LC News - July 2021 - email

LC News - July 2021 - email

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