500 Miles of Music 2021

Sunday, June 27 2021

Concert 3 in the 500 miles of music journey featuring Kasey Chambers.

500 Miles of Music is back for its second tour after the highly successful inaugural tour in 2019. We had to cancel 2020 due to COVID 19, but we are back and even better for this concert in Leigh Creek.

Leigh Creek 2021 has an amazing up of Australian Country Music legends!


  • Kasey Chambers
  • Travis Collins
  • Gina Jefferys
  • Amber Lawrence
  • Rod McCormack
  • Bill Chambers
  • Kelly Brouhaha

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About the 500 miles events, https://www.500milesofmusic.com

Where to stay

The concert will be held on the Leigh Creek Oval, accommodation and camping will be at the various town businesses that cater for visitors staying overnight, both in Leigh Creek and Copley. We value your support, so come along and have a great time!

Travel Ideas

From Wilmington, you will have all day to venture through the magnificent Flinders Ranges on your way to our third show at Leigh Creek the next night.

First have a look at the old Railway Station in Quorn, grab a coffee in one of the many coffee shops.

Kanyaka Ruins, just 25 mins from Quorn towards Hawker is a place full of history and well worth the look around the many old buildings.

Next, stop at Jeff Morgan’s Gallery in Hawker called Wilpena Panorama just 20 mins from Kanyaka. This has two huge panorama paintings plus several other large displays as well as an amazing rock collection that could be the largest in Australia, it’s not to be missed.

At Hawker, you have a few choices.

  • Head straight to Parachilna, visit the Parachilna Hotel, then continue north to Leigh Creek. All bitumen. You can also turn right at Parachilna and take a short drive to Angorichina Tourist Village, there are some fantastic short walks here, particularly the pools walk. (38 km return on gravel road)
  • Via the Flinders Ranges Way presents a few options:-
    1. Drive to Wilpena Pound for a visit then onward to Blinman on the Flinders Ranges Way. At Blinman you will find The North Blinman Hotel and a great stop for lunch, or if you’re a bit early, perhaps take part in an underground mine tour. You can take the scenic drive thru Parachilna Gorge to Parachilna (36 km of gravel road).
      Leigh Creek is just 40 mins north of Parachilna.
    2. Flinders Ranges Way – Arkaba – Moralana Scenic Drive to the Hawker Leigh Creek Road (Some gravel, research first)
    3. Flinders Ranges Way – Wilpena Pound – Bunyeroo Road – Brachina Gorge Road – Parachilna – Leigh Creek. (Some gravel, research first)
    4. Flinders Ranges Way – Wilpena Pound – Brachina Gorge Road – Parachilna – Leigh Creek. (Some gravel, research first)
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